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I wrote previously about the potential living in each ball of yarn. It turns out that there was a baby sweater living in a giant ball of unraveled wool (the one pictured here)

My neighbor Joana stopped by a couple weeks ago with a dress for me that she’d picked up at a clothing swap. I’m returning the favor with this creamy wool sweater, made from 100% recycled materials.

Once again, since my yarn didn’t match the gauge called for in the pattern, I took the pattern as friendly advice for my version. It’s an awfully clever idea – two hexagonal pieces folded to make each half of the cardigan. It worked up very quickly and was simple enough that I could read and crochet it at the same time.

I got hung up on the buttons, however. The green plastic ones that seemed the closest to possible also weren’t very classy. When Gene suggested wood buttons, I remembered the six I got off a cardigan I unraveled last year. They were already attached to a cardigan I provisionally declared finished back in August. How provisional?

This isn’t really a finished object. Something’s wonky with the button band and holes – and just using the buttons I took off another sweater didn’t help. I’m considering ripping out the band and redoing it without the ribbing. It shouldn’t take me more than a couple hours of work.

And guess how long it took me to get around to those “couple hours?” If you guessed last night, you’re right! Yes, so it had been living in a drawer all this time, its pretty wooden buttons doing no one any good. I redid the button band and used 4 silver buttons I got at a rummage sale, finally finishing it this morning. I think it looks pretty good. At least it’s wearable, finally.

(And I’m outside, in short sleeves!!!!)

But since I had to steal two of those buttons off another sweater, now that one is sitting around waiting to be finished again. It’s an ugly causal chain, dear readers.