This sweater I found at a rummage sale some years ago and I think I’ve only worn it twice. It’s boxy, doesn’t fit particularly well, and I’m not so excited about the turtleneck.

Normally this would make it a prime candidate for unraveling, but in this case I’m not so sure. I love the knitting pattern, a gorgeous kind of cabling…

…and the brand name and fiber content are both very nice.

As I see it, I probably have 4 options
1) Give it away – either to someone who would like it (if that’s you, speak up!) or in my thrift store bag
2) Unravel the collar and see if the plain neckline is more flattering
3) Try something with my sewing machine to resize it – like this tutorial – which takes away my option of unraveling it for yarn.
4) Unravel it for deliciously soft yarn.

Any opinions? I’d love to hear what you think!

Gossy’s already registered her vote – option 5 – catbed.