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It often surprises me how much potential there is in a tiny ball of yarn.

Consider this last remnant of a once great ball of Cookie Monster blue yarn, now photographed with a Chinese knock-off Lego torso for scale*.

I was able to get the second round of a granny square and half of another center out of such a tiny ball. “Lego” torso shown for continuity’s sake**.

As I consider how many balls of yarn I have stashed in this apartment, I’m almost overwhelmed by the staggering potential waiting within them. I love this. It’s like a fresh notebook and a new pen or a box of sharp crayons. All those word and colors and shapes, biding their time until I invite them to create with me.

*I would have used something more conventional, but that’s the closest thing I had available on my desk. I’m not actually why there’s a Chinese knock-off Lego torso on my desk, but that’s beside the point.
** Also, I think it lives on my desk now.