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At long last, M’ris’ worry hat is finished! As soon as I don’t need skis to get to the post office, it will be in the mail.

Actually, there are two worry hats, version 1 and version 2. This is version 1:

There were some serious problems with version 1.
– itchy wool (itchiness adds to worries)
– too large (what if my head is shrinking?)
– no earflaps (what if my ears freeze?)
I made a pompom out of the same yarn but I never liked the hat enough to sew it on. The itchy wool yarn did make an impressively puffy pompom, however.

Version 2.0 is far, far superior. The pattern uses an ingenious joining strategy that prevents gaps at the beginning of each round, at least in hdc stitches. I’m so pleased to have learned something new!

I tested the worry hat out earlier:

and its calming warmth inspired me to pick up and clean my apartment! I think that’s a success.

Dear M’ris, please keep in mind the hat’s operating instructions.