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In mid November I started making hats for the annual winter clothing drive at my church. I originally thought I could get 6 or 7 finished by the collection date in early January but ended up with five. The first one I made is the light blue one at the center of the photo. Its all plain half double crochet stitches and took forever. (Hat #1)

Obviously I needed a new plan. I worked with Gene’s mom on finding a simple but easy hat pattern for her to work up and in the process remembered this pattern: City Girl Cap. Without the brim, the basic hat works up quickly and is a lot more interesting looking than the plain stitches. I ended up making four of them before I ran out of energy. (Hats #2-5)

A week later I found myself putting together a Christmas package for Ramona, one I built around making into a winter warmth package. I included tea, a tea strainer, a warming pack and a bright red beret. Of course, I had to test the beret pattern first before sending it off to her. So I made two of them. (Hats #6 & 7)

Then I’d promised Grant another hat for Christmas. I made this one up on my own in the style of the hats I made to donate, but with an added section to cover his neck and ears. Made out of heavy recycled wool the hat looks like a helmet for heading into battle with the cold. We just washed it with conditioner in the hope that the itchiness goes away, but I think it will serve him well. (Hat #8)

There’s more, though. I’ve promised erin another red beret (made with different yarn, however, I’ve run out of the other stuff) – Hat #9. I’ve promised M’ris a worry hat, a la this QC strip, though it won’t be blue because I don’t have any of that left either – Hat #10.

Yikes. I guess I’ve been more productive than I thought.