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How are things going in the land of Gossy? It’s cold, so her days are mostly spent napping by a radiator or on a lap, interspersed with pleas for more food. What’s sad is that Gossy, while so willing to help me make crafts, is uninterested in the fruits of my labor.

Take, for instance, this nice belly-warmer I made:

Yeah, that stayed on for only about 15 seconds, most likely because it’s not actually cat clothing. It’s an ear warmer (I can’t find a better term for it and it seems google can’t either), a solution to the problem wherein I can’t easily fit my bunned hair into most hats. Why, you say, can’t you make a hat big enough? Yes, in fact I have one like that, but it’s so big it falls into my eyes if my hair isn’t up. This I can wear no matter what’s going on with my hair.

The pattern can be found here . I made something like this a couple years ago but it wasn’t quite wide enough to cover my ears and left the rest of my head cold. This new one is comfortable and pretty warm, and I have some ideas about how I might improve upon the pattern if I choose to make another.