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There are a few projects I really need to get working on and can’t seem to find the energy to start. I’d much rather spend my little free time being best friends with Gossy and Bonk, who sometimes actually act as if they like each other.

Gene’s mother bought me this purple yarn on her most recent trip to Europe with a very specific sweater idea in mind – unfortunately one for which I have found no patterns. I have a pretty good idea of what she wants and some photos of a sweater she already has to use as a model. However, the jump from following patterns (even when I’m following them in spirit only) to designing one myself is really intimidating.

I’m also nowhere near figuring out what to make for Christmas gifts. If you’re pretty sure you’re on my Christmas list, you should give me ideas. Otherwise everyone is getting fingerless gloves. Seriously, I keep finding marvelous patterns for them, like this one I came across today that uses felted sweater sleeves: Pencil Pleated Wrist Warmers

Gene and I discussed coming up with a nice way to wrap cookies and giving a lot of those out as presents. As newly appointed Dessert Captain (decided at this past weekend’s Red Party), I approve of this idea.