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I really like unraveling sweaters for yarn, so much so that I recently dreamt about combing through the racks at a thrift store looking for more. There’s one problem with this, however. My yarn stash is already a little out of control for this small apartment.

I originally kept my yarn in this dresser drawer, with the remainders in a bag in the closet.

Then I bought this marvelous bedside table/chest.

I began organizing it a little – wool and natural fibers in the chest, acrylics in a box in the closet, and miscellaneous remainders, buttons, and ribbons in the drawer.

Sometime last fall I ran out of room in the bedroom and started keeping a bag in the storage closet.

This is how I know I have a problem, however. I’ve started keeping a drawer in my filing cabinet for yarn. It used to be I just tossed whatever project I was working on in there to keep it off my desk. Then a couple projects started accumulating. Then I moved all my hooks to that drawer should inspiration strike at any moment.

So I keep telling myself no more yarn, but I think Grant and I want to go thrift storing the day after Thanksgiving when we’ll be in a town with some fantastic stores. As picky as I’ve become about not purchasing anything less than pure wool or blends that have either silk or cashmere, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resist.