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I’ve started carrying a mason jar with me for the tea I drink during class. It’s not like I spend that much money on tea every week, maybe only $3, but I’ve started thinking about what really happens each time I buy a cup. That’s one more paper cup, plastic top, teabag, staple and string in the trash. Why not save money and reduce waste by drinking the loose leaf tea of which I already have several bags?

The drawback to the mason jar, of course, is how am I supposed to hold it when it’s full of boiling water?

Recycled wool, but you should have expected that by now.

One other minor drawback to the jar. I saved it from the recycling, of course, but that means the lid is printed both sides and top with “Classico (TM).” I’m not sure quite how to solve that without 1) buying nasty solvents that would strip the ink off or 2) buying a new mason jar with a plain top. Since both of those defeat the purpose of recycling and being frugal, I guess I’ll have to wait until I find something at a thrift store or, perhaps, my grandmother’s basement. Pretty sure I’ve seen a bunch of jars down there and I don’t think she actually cans anything. And I’ll be there in just two and a half weeks….