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Hey look, I finished the sweater! Gossy is less than pleased that I made her pose with me.

I ran into a snag on the second sleeve – actually, not really a snag. Instead of having that weird extra half pattern repeat, the sleeve went in perfectly – 4 pattern repeats exactly. I spent ages trying to figure out how to fit an extra half in to make them both match until I finally decided it didn’t actually matter that much. Obviously I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to these things, and I think in this case it doesn’t really show. I’m not sure what I did wrong along the way but it’s not worth going back and trying to figure out unless I try to make another.

I’m still debating what to do about buttons. The single button is pretty, but if I want more I’ll probably have to buy new or find a sweater to unravel with 4-5 matched buttons. The only vaguely appropriate ones I have are a set of 4 black plastic ones I got for $0.10 at a rummage sale. Boring.

Now that I’m between projects, I’m plotting some new ones and craving more sweaters to unravel. The problem with this, of course, is that I already have an embarrassing amount of yarn. How much? How about I write my next post about that?

P.S. Dinner tonight?

3 courses:
1. Roasted red pepper dip with crisped pita shards
2. Sweet potato carrot lentil soup
3. Portobella mushroom ravioli (from the grocery store, not homemade… (yet)) with caramelized shallots and sage butter