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I’ve gone a little pumpkin crazy, making a test batch of muffins (verdict: too moist, bordering on mushy), a pumpkin sauce for pasta, and then more little pumpkin cat toys.

I wish I’d written down the steps for the sauce because it was the best thing I’ve eaten recently. This is all I can remember: I cooked 4 cloves of garlic in about a tbsp of butter with some ginger powder, cinnamon, salt, fresh ground pepper, caraway seed and concentrated vegetable broth base. I added small amounts of water whenever it looked like it was getting too dry and let the mix simmer for 20 minutes or more. Eventually I added the pumpkin puree, some milk, and a bit more pepper. I let that simmer for about 10 minutes and then poured it over pasta, topping it with some leftover shredded mozzarella I had sitting in the fridge. A surprisingly good dinner for a night when I just decided to see what I could make from things in the fridge and pantry.

Dropped 7 pumpkin toys off at the bake sale this afternoon along with 2 necklaces. I’m glad I didn’t spend more time making necklaces because the women running the sale decided to sell them for only $2 a piece. I definitely put more work into them than that, but I guess they didn’t think they’d sell if they were any more expensive. I guess I was able to get rid of the pink ribbon I’ve had in my craft stash since high school, so that’s a plus. And the pumpkins were easy to make so I’m more comfortable with their price of $1, especially since I spent pretty much nothing on the materials and was able to make them in about 15 minutes each.

No progress on the cardigan, of course. I’ve been running around for school and feeling generally lousy the past couple days, and the thought of trying to figure out that weird half repeat and decrease again is entirely unappealing. Maybe I’ll be better at this whole crafting thing next week.