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Gossy and I have been distracted from crafting this past week. She’s slowly working her way through a book I picked up for her at the sale.

And I’ve been cooking (and then cleaning the kitchen). A couple weeks ago, I cooked qinoa for the first time. Then last weekend I made a butternut squash puree with goat cheese. After the relative success of the squash, Friday night I decided to try cooking pumpkin – another first. Then I threw a last minute pot of lemony carrot-lentil soup together which was most surprisingly delicious. The lemon, I think, was more sweet than sour, and ended up bringing out the carroty sweetness against a little bit of cayenne.

Saturday morning, in another first, I used my cooked pumpkin to make pumpkin bread. Quite tasty, but now I have about 4 cups of leftover pumpkin puree. I’m toying with modifying the dessert like bread recipe into a more healthful version for breakfast muffins. If I come up with something, I’ll definitely share it here.


I’m still in the middle of a lot of crochet projects. Finally figured out a way to deal with the sleeve problem on the cardigan, so one of those is finished, leaving me with the second and then some buttons. Why it always so difficult to get around to the second sleeve? Right now the cardigan’s serving as Bonkers’ bed, so I’m working on things for the baking/craft sale this coming Saturday.

I made another necklace and should probably make at least two more. And Gossy has been kind enough to give me some of her catnip (with my promises that I’ll buy more when this runs out). I’m using some hideous burnt orange yarn, the origins of which I can’t recall, and making catnip stuffed pumpkin toys. Since I can’t find the old pillow stuffing I usually use for toys, I’m filling them with scrap cloth and the crinkly plastic from the address windows on junk mail from my bank.

Oh! My cousin and his wife are having twins next spring, so I’ve got more baby gifts to plan – and two of each whatever I do! At the rate things are going right now, I’d better start soon. Considering that my cardigan’s second sleeve may take me another week, just imagine how long a second baby item would take after making the first.