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I found a book published in 1903 about “modern Japan.” I’ve been meaning to mail it to Becca for some time now, but I also wanted to include some small, pretty crocheted gift, making the package more than just a surprise antique book. I see all kinds of pretty vintage looking crochet projects and think of her – she has fantastic clothes and opinions about how to wear them.

Last winter I made her these wristwarmers out of recycled alpaca yarn:

Yesterday, testing a pattern I’d been wanting to make for a while, I made this crochet and ribbon necklace:

The author of this pattern has given me permission to make them for a bake and craft sale that a local cat rescue group is hosting next weekend, so I think I’ll try to get 4-6 more of them made before then. The only difficult part about the pattern is getting ribbon that fits correctly through the gaps. The first necklace I made had gaps that were far too wide for the red ribbon pictured above. I decreased from triple crochet to double crochet for that row and the red ribbon fit perfectly. I finished it in an hour or less while reading Ovid for class. Not bad, hm?

Link to wristwarmer pattern.

Link to choker pattern.