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I haven’t made any progress on the cardigan since my last post. I can show you some revised bibliographies on Chinese vernacular fiction and an impressive amount of used tissues (translation: lots of classwork and an unwelcome cold), but no progress. There’s something weird about attaching the sleeves that requires more brain power than I can muster right now.

I’ll try to explain. The wavy pattern for the sweater goes crest-trough-crest-trough etc. But when I try to add the sleeves on, I end up with one place that goes crest-trough-trough-crest. I don’t know quite how to fix it right now.

This is exactly what ravelry was made for, I think. I keep track of almost all of my ongoing and finished projects over there (user name gossycrafts, of course). The beauty of it is that I can see how other people have interpreted the same patterns that I’m working through. If I run into problems, it’s likely some of the other 812 people who’ve made this cardigan have too. And thankfully, I found one person who posted notes on their solution to the sleeve problem. When my brain is less snotfilled, I’ll try and figure them out.