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I’ve been thinking of making a cropped cardigan for a while now. I’d even started on one back in May but it came out weird – I followed the pattern exactly, got gauge and everything, but the two halves of the back refused to match.

I then made a little short sleeve cardigan, more like a vest, really, out of some dark blue recycled wool. It was more for the stress relief of having something mindless to work on while preparing for my comprehensive exams than for its practicality. I held some multicolored thread with the wool, but then tragically ran out of the thread 3/4 of the way through the project.

I’ve looked at the free cardigan patterns available through Ravelryf and only one of them really interests me. It’s still not the cropped cardigan I’m imagining making, but it’s very pretty as a full sized one. Check out the pattern here are this marvelous fiber blog. I definitely have a few interesting buttons from which to choose for the top closure.

And after making swatches in the red and green wool that’s shown up here before,

I think I’m going with the green.

That still leaves my half formed idea for a cropped cardigan. I did a google image search of the term and saved a few pictures of cardigans that I like.

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I think I’m going to use the red yarn, of which I have much less than the green, and make a top-down cardigan that begins with simple flat stitches. Then once it’s long enough, I’ll switch to ribbing on both the sleeves and the body. Probably 3/4 length sleeves and a bottom edge that hits right about my waist. I should probably sketch this out and look at some patterns that might help me get off to a good start – fittingly, that little blue wool one above may prove to be the one.