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Here’s the front of the pattern envelope. The link directs you to a vintage pattern with the full text of the description on the envelope’s back.

The dress is described as semi fitted, but at the size my copy came in, it was more tentlike. I took in the sides and then attempted back and front darts. These came out looking okay, but took the dress construction to a level far beyond my capability. After a few hours spent working on it with Gene’s Mom on Sunday, this is what we’ve reached:

It’s not a finished object because I still need to fix the collar – the facing isn’t sewn in well enough and the stitching around the outer edge of the facing is uneven, as you can see here:

And it still needs to be hemmed. I’m kind of tired of it all even though I know it’s so close to being finished.

I think I may finish it with a solid color belt. I have some green cotton that matches the dark green of the leaves and some frog closures that I ripped off of a thrifted dress that never fit. Incidentally, it’s the same dress that I got the zipper from as well. Overall, it only needs a couple more hours of work. *crosses fingers*

Alright, now I need to go read about Chinese prosimetric literature and then some Kant. Wish me luck!