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I finished the second glove on the train home yesterday. Since I began it on the train ride out to visit Esther, it means the glove took approximate two hours to make, apart from the 2 minutes it took today to seam up the side.

The one drawback to this wool is that it’s a bit scratchy. I’ve been treating them and Dan’s scarf with conditioner. The logic behind this is that what’s good for making my hair soft is probably good for making sheep hair soft. I’ve seen it suggested to use about 1-2 tbsp for a sink of water, but in my experience it needs a lot more than that. I’ll actually probably wash them in it once more because I’m not satisfied with them yet.

Since the weather’s cool again, wool doesn’t really dry well and gets a little musty smelling. Since it can’t go in the dryer because of felting, instead it goes in the oven. Ridiculous? Yes. Effective? Also yes.

They look pretty good though, don’t they?

Today, Angel taught me to knit continental style, which we think might be faster than the way I’ve been knitting so far. I need lots more practice at this, but between this and my dress, I’m learning all kinds of new things lately. I think I’ll make another pair of these out of some softer yarn to practice the new technique.