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Gossy and I are exhausted. She spent all evening running around after an empty bobbin and playing in my sewing machine box.

I spent all afternoon and evening in front of the sewing machine, working on a number of things. When I sewed the neck facing onto my dress backwards and couldn’t get my brain to figure out how to make it right, I decided to stop for the night. I’d really like to finish it by the weekend since once classes start next week, there’s not going to be time for any of this nonsense.

This is my sewing machine:

Gene’s mother gave it to me for my birthday and I’ve been so wrapped up in other things (some of them rather frivolous things, admittedly) that I hadn’t even opened the box yet. Having a working sewing machine is wonderful, I should definitely have gotten it out sooner. The two times I ran into problems the upper thread simply needed to be rethreaded through all its steps and the issues were resolved. The second time it happened, I stupidly spent 15 minutes messing around with the bobbin casing. The manual is right – check for the simple problems before imaging more dire ones.

It’s a simple machine, but honestly, that’s all I can handle right now. I learned a lot today from working on my dress, which claims on the pattern envelope to be “very easy.” I’m keeping the dress a secret until I have it more together. You can catch a glimpse of its fabric in the photo of my machine.

In terms of things I actually completed, I took in a camisole that was much too wide on me. I turned a XL men’s t-shirt into a tunic top and I made this apron based on this 10 min pillowcase apron tutorial.