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1. I let Janelle talk me into some patterned cloth for an easy dress pattern I found at a church rummage sale. I was going to go with a plain color, figuring it would be more forgiving. But I think the pattern could look really good. Once I’ve actually made progress on it, I’ll post some photos and hopefully get some opinions on the pockets.

2. Knitting and I don’t really get along. I’m not a very good knitter. Pretty much all I can do is knit stitch, purling and add stitches if I watch a youtube video on how to do it first. Gene had some fingerless gloves last year that I sewed together out of the sleeves from a thrifted alpaca sweater, but as so often happens with gloves, one of them escaped to live on the streets of Chicago. One of the drawbacks of crochet is that it works up into a much thicker fabric than knitting with the same yarn would. I figure it would take just about as long to crochet some very thin yarn with a tiny hook into these gloves as it would be to knit them from worsted weight wool. And let’s be honest, I could probably use the knitting practice.

So I’m knitting Gene a pair of fingerless gloves out of yarn that Corrine found in the back of her closet last year. It’s some marvelous wool from Norway with a charming logo of a man riding a reindeer.