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1. Baby shower!

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Baby Marina will have red booties to match the fashionable red shoes Joana wore to the shower. I’m also really happy with that blanket. There’s really very little I would go back and change about it. I love watching how my crochet skills improve from project to project and giving things away to friends is the perfect ending for any finished object.

The only yarn that wasn’t recycled from old sweaters is the pink in the ears of the kitty hat.

2. Unraveled cream wool
Really, the question is… to dye, or not to dye?

3. Simple scarf for Dan
Dangerous Dan is a classmate of Gene’s and at our last picnic in the park, he mentioned he needs a scarf for winter. The sweater that the yarn for Dan’s scarf comes from was one I didn’t look at closely enough when I grabbed it at a rummage sale. I checked the seams in the sleeves and they were sewn together, but it turns out that the side seams were serged. The only immediately usable lengths of yarn were in the sleeves, so I don’t have enough of it for a big project. It’s really lovely yarn however. The dark blue contrasts with strands of silver that run through it. I’m working it up in simple half-double stitches, which are thicker and should trap more warmth than doubles, and give the scarf a slight ribbing. We may need to call him Distinguished Dan this winter. 🙂