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Next-door-baby now has small (grey to match the hat), medium (green) and large (ridiculously red) booties and I’d be happy to make more. Each pair takes only about an hour to make. The pattern I used for these can be found here.

The green pair came out a little smaller than the red ones even though I used the same hook size and number of stitches. Come to think of it, making these booties was a great way to swatch two yarns that I haven’t worked with yet. The green yarn washed up a little softer than the red and felted less too. Good to know since I’m considering making a cardigan out of one (or maybe both!) of those yarns.

I love how exciting that red is. I keep mulling over the grey, brown and white palette that winter’s going to bring all too soon (and the largely grey and black palette that makes up my wardrobe). I think some colorful highlights are in order, but I’m not sure what kind of projects to which I should devote my bright yarns.