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Janelle and Dan got married about a month ago, so before the wedding, I attended my first bachelorette party. We were all well behaved, I promise. And it is Janelle’s suggestion that I post pictures of the gifts I made for her – because what could be funnier than handmade crocheted lingerie?

The pattern for the bikini top came from a Swedish crochet website. In theory, the idea Swedish lingerie conjures up images of blonde, leggy models. In practice, I think this bikini top was meant more for descendants of the Swedish vikings*. If you’ve seen How to Train Your Dragon and remember Hiccup’s helmet (half of your late mother’s battle armor, his father says), you’ll know what I mean.

The second present I improvised based on a lace pattern from mypicot.com. Since Janelle wore it around over her clothes for most of the party, I think that makes it a success.

Even if she never wears them again, these were so funny to make and give that it was entirely worth it. Especially, after an afternoon spent working on the bikini top, for the moment when I sent Janelle an IM that said, “Hi. I’ve been thinking about your boobs all day.” *snrk*

*”Theory and practice”….. great, I guess I do belong in grad school.