After making Sara that bikini top and buying her some lacy undies for her bachelorette party gift, I realized last minute that I had no wrapping paper or bows.

No matter. I taped together pages from an old-ish atlas I got for free after a used book sale and crocheted rosettes to substitute for bows.

Rosette pattern: Rose Bouquet
Yarn: size 10 thread
Hook: B or steel 0 (2.25mm)

I surprised myself with how cute it ended up looking. :)

My dear friend Sara married my other dear friend Jan earlier this month. In late May, Sara invited me to her bachelorette party, which included a lingerie party.

Now, for my friend Janelle’s bachelorette party in 2010, I made some horrendous looking crochet lingerie as a joke gift for her. Hilariously, she actually tried them on over her clothing and encouraged me to take ridiculous pictures of her at the party. Janelle, if you’re reading this, please, please tell me they got “lost” in your move last year, if not long before that.

I jokingly mentioned those pieces to Sara and she got really excited about attractive crochet swimsuits and lingerie she’d seen in photos. Well then. Certainly worth another try!


I think I did better this time around!

One of our ministers at church just had a baby, so I took another break from the secret project and made her new daughter a little bonnet and dress.

I seriously love the bonnet pattern. The dress pattern is fine and is a quick little project, but I still like the bonnet better.

Bonnet Pattern:Blessing Day Bonnet

Dress Pattern: Little White Dress

The yarn was not great – kind of splitty, but I like the color. Not sure what kind of yarn it was, it was part of a big bag of donated odds and ends and came without a label.

I recently got back in touch with a friend of mine from middle and high school. Over the course of emails, during which I received all that yarn in the mail and felt overly yarn-wealthy, I offered to make her something, perhaps secretly hoping to use up some nice skeins of yarn for a good cause.

In turn, she requested something small – mug cozies. She sent me some images that she had pinned on Pinterest.


After the secret project grew too large for me to conveniently carry around, these mug cozies seemed like the perfect little thing to work on while in the car or on the train. I took out a ziploc bag full of the remnants from Fancy Baby #2′s sweater, blanket, bonnet, and booties, and set to improvising.

Mine came out much plainer than the Pinterest inspiration images, but I think they have a certain sweetness to them in their simplicity.


And the best part of all? Those scraps of grey are all that’s left of those remnants. Perfect project! I’m already working on a few more for a friend’s mom who complimented me on these ones.

It has been a terribly long while since I wrote about crochet! Let me try to get all caught up.

I am 14 rows away from finishing my giant secret project, a gift for a friend who reads this blog, and so I still must keep mum about that. I put in a ton of work on it two weeks ago, but then my wrists started aching and I took a few days off. Then the weather got warm and there’s no comfortable way of working on this in the heat.

The secret project has been a lot of fun. In the end, it should use up about 10 skeins of worsted weight yarn. I dove through my stash looking for yarn that matched (hard to do when you have a lot of scraps) and that I also had in enough quantity. My handy scale helped me out quite a lot! I was able to extrapolate from weighing a swatch to figure how much yarn the final product would consume. It was lots of fun to be doing math again. This is all my college physics major is good for anymore, I think.

Can you spot my bizarre error?

I can’t wait to share the final piece with you. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon and can deliver it to my friend!

Also, I really want to write up my results of actual yarn consumption and measurements vs. the calculated ones, just to see what percentage error I end up with. Yes, basically a crochet lab report.


Recipient: My mom
Pattern: Geoui
Yarn: Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro

As I gushed before, Geoui is a great pattern, it’s fun to work up, and the result is a sweet little scarf. I also love the color of the yarn. I think it looks pretty good with my own coloring, which means it should look great on my mom too!

What do you make on the occasion of your ex-boyfriend’s ordination to the Catholic priesthood?

A fancy cross bookmark, of course! Displayed here on an H.P. Lovecraft book because he’s the one who, ages ago, introduced me to Lovecraft’s horror fiction long before I was really able to appreciate it.

Pattern: Lacy Cross

Actually, given that he’s into fire dancing (I’m pretty sure he’s going to be the most interesting Catholic priest in the world :) ) and Pentecost is approaching, I originally wanted to make him something that featured fire or tongues of flame, but didn’t see any patterns worth making. I’d still love to figure out a project built around the idea of fire someday, but not with a backlog of projects needing to be made like I have now. Maybe also in consultation with him, rather than as a surprise gift.

I made another for my grandfather, who is a minister, and dropped it in the mail a couple days ago with his rather-late birthday card.

Gene thinks they’re really pretty and that I should make one more for us to hang somewhere in our home. Eventually, perhaps. Too many other things to finish first!


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